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Die ursprünglich von mir für das ehemalige webdesign-forum.de entwickelte Programm-Sammlung 4all hat nunmehr nicht nur auf schadeck.eu ein neues Zuhause gefunden, sondern mit der Version 2.0 auch ein Update erhalten.

Es enthält Player, Rekorder und Umwandler in Ogg und MP3 und aus WAV Format für -Dateien samt Notensatz.

Hier die Tools im einzelnen:


G is a file player that makes use of wavetable synthesis and digital effects to generate the sound.
You will not need a decent -synth capable soundcard to play files, just any 16-bit standard soundcard.

g features:

  • Works at 44100 Hz, 16 bits, stereo
  • Up to 64 synthesis channels
  • Digital effects: reverb, chorus and echo
  •  Hi-quality 8 point interpolation
  • Resonant filters
  • SF2 soundfont support
  • to WAV rendering
  • Recognizes more than 30 messages
  • Configurable windows layout
  • Karaoke files support
  • Absolutely freeware!


Piano is a very simple and useful application, you can open file and simulate play it in a and file by the or IN device.

Piano features:

  • Support IN/ OUT devices.
  • Simple to Play and file.
  • Different color for tracks simulate hands.
  • Support 128 GM Patches selection.
  • Support customize keyboard layout.
  • Support multi-language.


Play is a free Windows program that allows singers and instrumentalists to play files and adjust the playback to help them to learn their parts. It shows the position in the score while it’s playing the music.


Free playback and notation editor. Oriented for guitars,
it shows chord and scale diagrams. It also allows adding chords and scales
to . It supports multiple track playback.

Chords features:

  • Windows editor and player
  • Compose music in sheet notation, play it via the Generial instrument set
  • View scale and chord diagrams, add them to
  • Multiple track playback
  • Sheet editor also displays in guitar tablature form
  • Create Chord Progressions by adding preset chords to
  • Select groups of notes and move with copy and paste
  • Set note properties such as sharp,flag,dotted and others

automatically transcribes music, converting WAV files into files. It can recognize single-instrument polyphonic music. It’s a powerful tool to help you to transcribe music, to practice musical instruments and to make files, and so on.
creates an Output File (.mid) from an Input File (.wav) that contains musical data, and a Tone File (.wav) that consists of monotone data. analyzes the Input File, assuming that every sound in the file is played with the same tone color as the one in the Tone File. As a result, even if the music contains several different instruments, writes down all detected notes as a single-instrument music.
The quality of music recognition depends on the tone color of the music. is suitable for analyzing the precise-frequency attenuating sounds like piano or guitar. The drum sound becomes only noise.
Currently, automatic music transcription has no substantial solution in general, but with some restrictions of the domain, it can be both possible and useful. is one of these systems, and is still in its infancy. However, again, it’s a powerful chord analyzer.

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  1. Hello Holger,

    A good day to you ,I wiill just go the Point why im writing you.I really like this Midi Player but i have Problem to read the text of the song because ist too small in the Display.please tell me how to make this Bigger..
    so thats all Hope you wiil reply ..
    Thank You so much


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